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Hubli Dharwad

The twin cities ‘Hubli-Dharwad’ is the second largest city in Karnataka after Bangalore. Hubli officially known as ‘Hubballi’ is a commercial hub and Dharwad is administrative headquarter. Hubli-Dharwad is known for its contributions to Indian classical music and kannada literature. The city has a great amount of historical influence as it has been a centre of arts and literature since 12th Century AD. Hubli has an amazing artistic touch which can be observed through its ancient temples. It is also famous for its several Sufi dargahs and Churches.

The city is popular among tourists as it is surrounded by beautiful scenery, various waterfalls, parks and temples. There are many tourist places located just a few kilometers away from the city. Most of them are within an hour’s drive from Hubli and serve as the perfect spot for relaxing, outing with family or an adventurous evening with friends. Hubli-Dharwad is well connected location with air, rail and roadways. Thus, Hubli-Dharwad is one of the favourite destinations for tourists.

Tourist Places Near Hubli

Agadi Thota Hubli
Agadi Thota

Place surrounded by nature which makes you feel refreshed.

Rock Garden Hubli
Rock Garden

Creativity explores one or the other way of our life.

Water World Hubli
Water World

Head to this place for fun, adventure and thrill!

Mundgod tibetan camp

The Mini Tibet.Stroll through the beautiful monasteries.

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